Our New embroidery—“Crested Ibis” for women’s velvet loafer

A few years ago, I watched a ballet performance called “Crested Ibis”.

The ballet performance saying a romance story. In the modern era, with the rapid development of modernization and urbanization, we have inadvertently neglected the deterioration of the living environment of the crested ibis, and the natural habitat of the ibis has become more and more dangerous. In modern times, with the discovery of the last seven wild crested ibis, the “bird of good luck” has returned to human sight. The purpose of the ballet performance is to express “eternal treasures” through “once lost”.

It has always been in my mind and today our artist has finally designed this beautiful embroidery. And we will product this embroidery on our Journey West embroidery velvet loafer for woman. And it will on sell in 15 days on this website.  Thanks.




それはずっと心の中にあったもので、今日、ついに私たちのアーティストがこの美しい刺繍をデザインしました。そして、この刺繍は私たちの女性用Journey West ベルベットローファーに施されます。そして、15日後にはこのサイトで販売する予定です。 ありがとうございます。

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